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Assembly Bill No. 2016

Pupil instruction: sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention

This bill authorizes school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to provide age-appropriate instruction, pursuant to the content standards adopted by the state board, for kindergarten and grades 1 to 12, inclusive, as applicable, in sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention.

Read AB 2016 HERE



Kids Center Child Abuse Intervention Center
offers the Safe Touch Curriculum and Training available for purchase and download. 

This is a must-have sexual abuse prevention curriculum for every elementary school.  The activities, songs, stories, and detailed discussions focus on empowering children in grades K-5. (Meets SB 856 requirements for K-5 children only)

Purchase Safe Touch Curriculum for K-5 HERE.

To Facilitate Healthy Conversations with Kids purchase books HERE.

For more information please visit Kids Center


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About the Author - Marcia K. Morgan

Marcia K. Morgan brings a wealth of experience helping women and girls reach their full potential. Drawing on more than forty years as a consultant, researcher, trainer and author on gender and crime, this sought-after motivational speaker tackles the casualties of women’s dreams and how to recapture them in this latest work.


In 1976, she and a colleague developed the ground-breaking, anatomically-correct dolls now used around the world to interview victims of child sexual abuse. Early on, Marcia made her mark heading up one of the first all-female rape investigation programs in the United States. Her related books for professionals and children are highly regarded by national and international organizations.

As the Executive Director of Migima, LLC, since 1980, she oversees an innovative firm that provides consulting services in criminal justice and social issues. Marcia, her husband, and yellow lab live in Bend, Oregon.


My Feelings


How to Interview Sexual Abuse Victims

Interviewing Sexual Abuse Victims Using Anatomical Dolls


Are you ready to help END Abuse?

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