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Our mission 

Our Mission is to encourage schools to adopt curriculum into their K-5 classrooms in order to educate our children to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors of sexual predators. We want to empower our youth to find their voice and help them to speak up when they are being sexually abused.

We are committed to financially supporting our schools in bringing curriculum into their classrooms.


Can one voice make a difference?

We believe it can! There is a great pain that comes from knowing you've been betrayed. Not only by the one human being specifically designed to protect you, but by a whole society that turns their back on the crying out of our children.

How do you bring yourself to accept this awful truth?  

That your entire life could have been so much different if just one one of the many people that had an opportunity to help had helped. We often think that one voice isn't enough but the reality is that one voice is enough!

Are you ready to help END Abuse?

Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

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