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OneVoice.OneMission was founded by CEO and President Catherine Shiffer.


Catherine Shiffer, Founder

  • Business Owner

  • Realtor

  • Property Manager

  • Author

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Athlete

  • Child Abuse Survivor/Thriver

  • Mother, Wife ,Grandmother and Friend

Catherine was sexually abused by her step father and held  to secrecy not only by him but by her mother. For 11 years she was viciously attacked on a regular basis. Catherine reported her abuse to family members and friends. Every time she used her voice to protect herself she was made out to be a liar. No one listened, no one helped her. She stopped using her voice for a very long time.

Catherine's voice was taken away and it is her heart and her mission to give every child a right and the privilege to use their voice to protect themselves.


Earl Bonawitz  Treasurer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business owner

  • Published author

  • Investor

  • National speaker

  • Consultant

  • Encourager

  • Blessed to be a blessing

Lisa Sisco, Secretary

  • Temecula Valley Educators Association Office Manager

  • Chaparral High School Education Foundation Director of Communications

  • CHS Lacrosse Parent Support Group Secretary

  • CHS Volleyball Parent Support Group Secretary

  • Student Advocate

Lisa has lived in the Temecula Valley since 2003. She has been working for the teachers union since 2007 and has become a strong advocate for children and students. Her connection with the school district, raising four children ages 13-15 and her experience with marketing and communications makes her a perfect fit for One Voice One Mission's secretary. She is passionate about bringing this curriculum into the Temecula School District, surrounding communities and beyond. 

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